We don't cut corners. We clean them!


Cleaning Services to Keep Your Home or Office Space Spotless

Cleaning your residential or commercial property by yourself can be less than thrilling and, at times, even frustrating. Don’t get yourself too stressed out, and instead, hire our team at Southwest Carpet & Air Duct Cleaning. We specialize in cleaning carpets, upholstery, tile and grout, and air ducts.

Our Pet Odor Removal Process

One of the biggest challenges of pet owners is getting rid of the stinky trail that pets leave as they wander all over the place. The solution is simple: turn to us for pet odor removal.


Step 1

We use black light to identify the source of pet urine contamination.


Step 2

We pre-treat urine with a solution to break down the bonding, which enables complete removal.


Step 3

We treat the areas of contamination with an enzyme that attacks the urine at a molecular level and absolutely removes the urine.


Step 4

We take out the contaminants with a Water Claw.

Other Services

  • Mattress Cleaning
  • RV and Boat Carpets/Upholstery
  • Area and Oriental Rug Cleaning
  • Green Cleaning Solutions

Our Advantage

When it comes to cleaning, we do it thoroughly with a focus on efficiency and effectiveness. For example, our primary method of carpet cleaning is hot water extraction, the same procedure that all major carpet manufacturers recommend. To make it easier for us to remove tough dirt and other particles, we use Brush Pro—the latest equipment for carpet agitation.

We use truck-mounted equipment and environmentally friendly products. The brands we trust include:

  • Sapphire Scientific
  • Hydro-Force
  • Brush Pro
  • Pro Chem

Committed to Client Satisfaction

As an owner-operated business, we take pride in providing personalized customer service. We even go out of our way to help our clients work within their Homeowners’ Association requirements. Additionally, we provide 24-hour emergency services.

Still not convinced? We offer a 30-day satisfaction guarantee!